How Many Wes Anderson Characters Can You Name?

Film trivia: Wes Anderson has created some of the most memorable characters in recent movie history, and how many of these characters can you look at and think of a scene with them doing something characteristic from a movie, and think also of how many times that has popped up in you mind before. These pictures are the handiwork of Marina at Marinaesque (visit it for all kinds of whimsical art and images).

Yes, well, there’s movie buffs and there’s movie buffs. How many of these Wes Anderson characters can you actually name? Try our Wes Anderson film trivia quiz.

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First some hints:

  1. This eccentric writer of unusually proseatic wild west novels scintillated into the frusculating dusklight in a convertible, killing the boys’ dog.
  2. Competition for #6 in the affections of Estelle. Although “a two-bit chartered accountant,” still a sensitive man who could talk some jive in a kitchen.
  3. This female character had a history not known to any of her family. She was married to the man studying #12.
  4. This younger brother ran out of nuts and into the arms of a smoking train staff.
  5. If you haven’t seen this early Wes Anderson film, you should rush more to video stores.
  6. Perhaps the most royal of these characters, also the first one to go.
  7. Another character who went the way of Royal after being reunited with his long-lost father (perhaps, but this is disputed and doubted).
  8. Don’t “cuss with him.” Even if you “are.”
  9. 10. and 11. These three need to improve their fire safety drill times, but they are loyal to their pet.
  10. (actually 12, but this word processor won’t allow me to format it that way): An interesting specimen.

Well, how did you do? Were these hints enough? If not, let us know on the social media page, and we’ll provide some answers once enough people had had enough time to have fun guessing! Thanks for playing our Wes Anderson film trivia game.