Native American Hand Signs

Native American Hand Signs

When hunting, Native Americans used signals to communicate rather than words in order to not scare off the animals.  Storytelling was usually accompanied by body language to further illustrate the speaker’s story.

Can you guess what these signals mean?

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1.  Most people do this at night
2.  Before cars became popular, this is what you would see on the roads
3.  If you didn’t own a horse, then you would
4.  In the Western Days this is not what you would order in a saloon
5.  This is what you would order in a saloon
6.  A grown up boy
7.  It is not a Church, but does have a roof
8.  It’s a New ___
9.  Opposite of 8
10.  Opposite of 6
11.  What Tonto is to the Lone Ranger
12.  Talk to a group of people

Don’t look below this line, because it’s the answers and you’ll ruin the game:

Answers:  1. Sleep  2. Horse & Rider  3. Man Walking  4. Water  5. Whisky  6. Man  7. House  8. Day 9. Night  10. Woman  11. Friend  12. Speech