Get Rid of Bunions Naturally With This Simple Powerful Remedy

Get Rid of Bunions Naturally With This Simple Powerful Remedy

What are bunions? a painful swelling on the first joint of the big toe. They can start out from foot trauma, heredity, and wearing ill-fitting shoes. Once they start though, they can be aggravated by using the foot/wearing uncomfortable footwear, and can lead to a negative cycle of cause and effect, becoming worse over time.

With bunions, it can be harder to find good footwear. They’re also painful and irritating, and can be considered unattractive. With this being said, who wouldn’t want to get help from specialists such as Dallas Orthopedic Surgeons (if you live close to this area) to get this resolved, especially if you feel discomfort every day?

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The recipe for a natural remedy for some bunions goes like this — you can try it out and let us know. I’m a little skeptical, but I’m often enough surprised:

300 ml of water poured over a crushed bay leaf, cooked 5 minutes kept in a liquid thermos for some time. For example, if prepared in the evening, it is left overnight in the thermos. Does anyone know why a bay leaf? What does a bay leaf do?

In the morning, strain the drink and take small sips throughout the day (drink it like this, not all at once).

For the next three days, repeat the process. Make a new drink each evening.

Then, after 7 days, repeat the process.

Frequent urination is a sign that your body’s salt is beginning to dissolve, and this is irritating your bladder. (NOTE: consider the irritation to the bladder. This may be a more important concern for some people, depending on their health status.)

Results should be noticeable within 10 days.

Here is another recipe for bunions. This one is not ingested like the last. This one is applied to the bunions, and is based on findings that regular soap can relieve bunion pain and inflamation.


Take a bar of soap and cut/shred it into small pieces. Take this mash and apply it to the bunion. Gently massage the area with the soap shreds. Then dry the spot and apply iodine.

Applying iodine: the best way is to use a net method: soak a piece of cotton (cotton pads from the bathroom or a piece of cloth). Wet the cotton with povidone-iodine. Draw a “net” over the area (draw vertical and horizontal lines over the area. so that parallel lines in the grid are about 1 cm apart). Let the iodine dry.

(Note: some people use a mix of lemon juice and iodine [50%-50%] rather than just iodine)

If this works for you, let us know please.

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