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Most Expensive RV

A person walks into an RV shop with $3,000,000.00… Rather than spend that money on helping the poor of the world, he/she decides to buy an RV for three million dollars. The is the most expensive RV you can buy, pretty much. There are a couple of these luxury-home priced RVs out there. The one pictured is an Austria-based Marchi Mobile, the eleMMent RV.

But I ask you, readers, is it really worth it to spend $3 million on an RV like this?

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Product Features:

  • The most expensive and extravagant motor home on the market
  • Pop up 210 sq ft terrace with retractable stairs
  • Full inbuilt bar
  • Huge sky windows
  • Master Bedroom with en Suite
  • Fully functioning fireplace
  • Glow in the dark exterior paintwork
  • 2x 40″ HD TVs
  • Touch screen command centre
  • Automatic underfloor heating
  • Black out windows
  • Fully customisable interior
  • Rotating lazy boy style loungers
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Mini Kitchen
  • Adjustable lighting, Air con and Heating
  • Expandable side creating a massive 430 sq ft living space
  • Rainfall shower
  • Exquisitely furnished with Italian and Austrian design

Technical Specifications:

  • 510bhp Diesel engine
  • Capable of 13mpg
  • Top speed of 93mph
  • Carbon rear diffuser with double sport exhaust
  • Aerodynamic design saves up to 20% on fuel cost
  • 20 tonnes
  • 40 feet in length
  • Shell constructed from glass fibre
  • Chassis is from a DAF XF105

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most expensive rv most expensive rv

Freightliner Argosy: They Don't Make Tractors The Way They Used To!

These huge cabover tractors slash motorhomes are built in Cleveland in the American plant for Freightliner Argosy, which has robotics and the best technology the company has. It was designed in America’s wind-tunnels, too.

The four main objectives Argosy set out to accomplish with this design were these, and they show the focus the tractor company has for owner-operators and truck drivers everywhere: Workplace environment, increased payload, reduced operating costs and driver safety. They have some interesting air control (and debris control) features, including ducts on the front corners to keep splash and debris from shooting up.

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They use alumininum for the cabover cabs, so they are strong. It’s not just a frame to shelter the cab from wind.

The trucks not easily buckled, because they’re long (kind of luxury motorhome-length) and riveted with Henrob self-piercing and countersunk rivets. Much stronger than the conventional rivets that pierce the second layer of aluminum.

The cab design is curved to protect the life of the driver in any crash. It’s quite crashworthy, despite being a cabover which most truckers don’t consider particularly crashworthy in general. If you can imagine an impact that forces the walls and things of a cab inward, here you have a curved dash, so the wall being forced in crashes around the driver to some degree, not into the driver. We’ve written before about these models, because they have a lot of interesting truck features: