The Kingsley Coach RV Truck Conversion Into Class A Motorhome!

Kingsley Coach RV Truck Conversion Into a Class 1 Motorhome!

So, you think you have a Motorhome? Well, (to paraphrase Crocodile Dundee), THIS is a MOTORHOME!…

Or so says the owner. Notice how the sides round off? Kind of unusual, given that most trailers feature a somewhat boxy look. Also, the owner says that this unit is fun to drive. This is one of the origin-style Kingsley Coaches, also called the LeAnn Rimes style because LeAnn’s dad Wilbur bought three of the first ones when 13-year-old LeAnn was about to go on a big tour. Back in those days, in addition to having a lot of luxury motorhome amenities for a whole music road crew and an office, they also had a tanning bed (it was the 90s when we knew tanning beds could cancer but were not yet ready to take steps to do anything about it, and tanned skin was popular in some way).

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So this luxury motorhome, or motorcoach, is one of the first. Actually its the Class 8 model that the builders TimeLine Designs used for promotion, so it has the bells and whistles that show off what the custom motorcoach conversion company can do.

A couple of plusses:

Doesn’t “wallow” or lean around corners because of heavy chasis and low center of gravity. Lots of power with its 410 horsepower Cummins engine and 750 Allison Auto tranny. Also, it can be re-outfitted if someone wants to have TimeLine do that. This truck was listed for sale on TimeLineDesigns site, and I don’t see it modified, so it probably is still for sale if anyone wants to call them and inquire about it (visit TimeLine click here). The basis for this custom motor coach is a 1997 Peterbilt Class 9 Highway Tractor and the coach was also built in 1997. It had 190,000 miles when offered up as a motorhome for sale.

Kingsley Coach RV Truck Conversion Into a Class 1 Motorhome! (1)  Kingsley Coach RV Truck Conversion Into a Class 1 Motorhome!