Wow! Take a Look at THIS Motorhome

How about this luxury motorhome? It’s a Peterbilt-base diesel puller that was spotted at a U.S. Diesel National Truck Show by photographer Jack Byrnes Hill, who does a lot of work with vehicles — semi trucks, race cars, classic cars, you name it.

How would you like to have a big luxury motorhome like this one? By the way, does anyone know what company worked on this particular motor coach? It looks like it might have been ARI or Powerhouse Coach.

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The cool tones of the white paint and swirling blue give the motorhome an overall “calm” impression compared with some of the more in-your-face “loud” ones we’ve featured lately. And that whtie and blue always seems to go well with the clean polised chrome around the undercarriage and on the hubs, stacks, windows, and grill.

This looks like it might be a good example of how to make an attractive toterhome coach without too much extra custom work, just with the basics, some custom paint and some polish.

This unit has two slides on the driver’s side and none on the passenger side, which is a bit unusual, although it does have a big awning on the passenger side, which it seems the owners use for the socializing side. Looks like thy have a nice time camping with the unit from the photos. Too see more Jack Byrnes Hill photography, (click here). Thanks, Jack!