10 Rare Cats To Cuddle

1. The Ocelot – is a visually appealing wild cat who possesses many distinguishing features which are shared by the typical domestic cat. Beautiful, bright, and shiny eyes gaze at you with their knowing way, looking into your very soul. They are approximately twice the size of your beloved family cat. It has a distinctive growl which I find unnerving as it sounds feral and aggressive. Unlike my furry felines, the Ocelot does not avoid the water and will in fact swim. However, it is difficult to adopt a wild or domesticated one into your family. They have been listed as an endangered species and they have been hunted for their soft sleek coats.

2. Sokoke – is a long-limbed, short-haired cat with a meow which is unique to the Asian breeds. They are medium in size and are very muscular compared to most domestic breeds. Their front legs are longer than their back legs, which is typical of wildcats.

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3. Minskin – are small cats with large bright eyes and even larger ears. They have long tails (sometimes longer than their own body), short little front legs, but longer back legs. Maintenance of these friendly kitties requires a weekly bath as they are virtually hairless, or they possess very little fur.

4. Peterbald – is another cat who is virtually hairless or who possesses a small amount of fur. Their body temperature is higher than most breeds and as a result, also eat greater amounts of food than the typical domestic. Their skin is soft to the touch and is similar to an elephant with its wrinkly appearance.

5. Kurilian Bobtail – is a cat that is true to its name as it bears a resemblance to a rabbit from behind with its naturally occurring bobbed tail. They are excellent swimmers and fishers despite their abundant amount of fur. They are muscular and they intelligent, understanding some human words.

6. Burmilla – have stunning green eyes outlined with black making them a prominent facial feature. They come in a variety of colours and they are either short-haired or semi-long in fur. They are a cross between a Chinchilla and a Burmese.

7. Serengeti – is large boned and long legged. They possess a thick short coat and large ears with rounded tips found on top of the head, rather than to the sides like most domestic breeds. Being very social, they tend to be vocal and demanding when it comes to your affections.

8. Ojos Azules – or blue eyes, is noted for its distinctive eye colouring – even bluer than Siamese. Medium in size, these cats come in many colours but typically possess white tips on their tails, feet, and often their ears. These are one of the most rare domestic cats.

9. Napoleon – these kitties have the shortest legs of all the breeds. They are fluffy like the Persian and possess a short pug-like nose. Medium-sized, these cats are typically short-haired or long-haired and come in a variety of colours.

10. California Spangled – has fur that is short and spotted. They have eyes that are yellowish or coppery and they are medium in size. Despite their wild appearance they are very domesticated and are a great addition to any family home.

By Joyce Plaxton