The Camper-Boat Hybrid Sails Again

Camper-Boat Hybrid

Some great things happened in 1969, and one of the interesting vehicular developments to come out on the lots that year (1969-1970) was this boat-slash-camper. It’s called a Terra Marina, and it was made by Aqua-Trail (interesting name).

There’s actually a few of these around still. They look like a trailer, yes, but then they have two pontoon boats underneath them. The pontoon boat in the back serves as a deck!

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And the boat motor is mounted to the back of the deck/ back of a pontoon boat.

It kind of seems to me like anyone could make one of these boat/camper RV units.

The way they set it up, they put the trailer under it all so that the wheels of the (2-wheel trailer) sit between the two pontoon boats.

The company (Aqua-trail) made around 35 units of these in the Sacramento area.

Tin can tourists explains how you launch them: “The trailer was designed to be used both as a houseboat and camping trailer. It is totally self-contained. When brought to lake the sides are lifted and the pontoons slide out and are secured. The entire craft is then released to roll into the water. It has a top speed of 7 knots and is easy to control.”

The RV has all the amenities normal RV trailers have: bathroom, shower head, kitchen, furniture, table,

Tin Can Tourists