RV that flies!? A New Era in RVing? A flying RV!

flying RV

This winged Winnebago may take RVing to new heights.

This flying RV design could be very useful, couldn’t it? In places like Alaska, from what I hear, everyone already uses planes to get around everywhere. I hear there are manĀ y, many personal planes up there.

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What we’re looking at here is a recreational vehicle design that flies. It has a camper and it flies. It also floats — or boats!

Quite versatile, right?

It’s an MVP Aero, a “Triphibious” plane. It can land on most of the world’s surfaces: water, snow, earth. It needs the right landing gear for each of these, though.

It’s certified as a Light Sport airplay (S-LSA).

It’s reportedly bound for the market within around 5 years.

How much will it cost? Under $200,000 new. Some might be available for less than others, but they’re still up over 150,000 dollars.

Apparently the company doesn’t have one that works yet. Just designs and a physical mockup to show what it might look like when it’s tangible.

The canopy is retractile. So’s the instrument panel, reportedly. It has a pedestal seat that can be outfitted to the front of the RV for fishing and water-borne activities.

The sleeping platform is 5 feet wide and around 9 feet long. It seems it will come with an air mattress.