DIY Fishing Rod Holder

DIY Fishing Rod Holder

The theme here seems to be that PVC works for fishing rods. Fishing rods are long, and PVC comes in long tubes. Likewise, ceiling mount. Long fishing rods need a place to rest out of the way. Walls usually are cluttered already, so why not hang them on the ceiling. The ceiling is also a good spot for rods because nothing will fall on them up there — all you have to do is be careful you don’t let them fall yourself.

Option 1: PVC on Wood

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Here’s a simple one. You can make this at home. It’s also very inexpensive. It could take a while to build though relative to the other options.

Materials for this fishing rod holder:

2? PVC pipe (length depends on number of rods needed)
Either 2?x4? or 1?x4? lumber (length depends on number of rods needed)
1/2? Screws

Option 2: Hanging Tree

This is a great option if you just have a few rods to store. It is quick and easy to build and you don’t have to spend a lot of time giving each rod an individual home.

Materials for this fishing rod holder:

3/4? PVC pipe
90-degree elbow pipe fittings
90-degree cross-tee pipe fittings
90-degree tee pipe fittings
Metal pipe strap
PVC Primer & Glue

I shared these ideas with a fisherman I know, and he seemed to think this was a pretty good idea. So if it passes that test (this guy makes a lot of things to do with fishing himself), it might just be a good installment.

If you’re looking for something different you don’t necessarily have to use a PVC pipe. For example, you could just as easily use a metal pipe from an online metal retail store instead. Let me know if you decide to make one of your own – I’d love to see it in action.

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