Re-Use Plastic Bottles as Mini Indoor Hydroponic Gardens

Indoor Hydroponic Gardens

At present, there is a need to do some recycling projects in order to save the planet. Plastic bottles can be easily recycled by simply being resourceful and creative. Creating mini indoor hydroponic gardens is something worth considering, especially now that prices of vegetables are getting high.

If you are a salad-lover, then it makes sense to stick to salad veggies like green and crispy lettuce, sweet cherry tomatoes, celery and some herbs like parsley, coriander, sweet basil and mint. Home-grown salad veggies are absolutely flavorsome!

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Creating hydroponic gardens is simple! You just need to remove the bottle cap and fill the bottle with water. Pour some grains of sand and moisten the seeds. Wait for a few days and wait for your seeds to sprout. This fascinating indoor garden will also serve as your decoration. They look fresh, green and naturally, you are creating a relaxing ambiance at home.

You have done a great step of saving the planet by re-using plastic bottles plus you can enjoy the freshness of home-grown veggies! This is double advantage!

Also take note that not all vegetables are recommended for this type of gardening. Corn, squash, melons and zucchini are not ideal for this. They may grow well in a hydroponic garden but because they tend to be grow big, they occupy a lot of space. It is not practical to grown them indoors. So stick to petite ones and enjoy re-using plastic bottles for your indoor hydroponic gardens.