DIY Crochet Swing

DIY Crochet Swing

Would you string up this DIY crochet / macrame swing project? What you would need to make it is:

  • 3 thick dowels around 30 inches long
  • 2 thinner, longer dowels (36 inches)
  • 200 yards of 1/4 inch cord or rope
  • 8 yards of 1/2 inch rope


  • Drill
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors

For the full details of how to build this DIY crochet swing, visit ehow (click here).

Crochet Tall Comfy Socks (Patterns)

Well, one of the nice things about crochet, I guess you could say, is you can make things that you just can’t buy in stores, and you can customize them, and these types of tall socks are no exception. Because you can crochet so many different patterns/ textures, and you can use two or more crochet patterns together, you can really make some crochet projects that appeal to a lot of people. That’s just what a few crocheters on the internet have done with loose, tall socks. Here we have two patterns — one is free and one is not, but we couldn’t do without either one!

That’s because this paid crochet pattern (the one in the image above) is something we couldn’t find anywhere else — and it’s probably something a lot of crocheters out there think is very elegant. The pattern costs $5.00 from Craftsy for these socks. I’ve seen socks like these — actually, knee highs but pretty similar — being sold with prices like $60 and $70 on Etsy.

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These Craftsy crochet socks use chains, doubles, singles and slips to crochet them, and you can make socks that fit many sizes because of how stretchy they are.

For this crochet project, you need:

100gr sport weight yarn or sock yarn, a 3.25 mm (D) crochet hook, and elastic thread

Now we always like to provide a free option. And we did find one tall crochet socks pattern by a crafter named Sarah at Ball Hank n Skein. The socks use one pattern more or less throughout, so they might be easier than the top (Craftsy) pattern. They are also one-size-fits-all.

Stitches used: single, double, “single crochet 2 together,” and “foundation single crochet”


5 ounce heavy worsted or bulky yarn, a J hook or hook

How to make the socks: start out with the toe, crocheting in a spiral, then continue on up the foot and make a loop to go around the ankle to the back of the foot (leaving the heel exposed), then crochet up the leg in the same progressive way. Then you can fill in the heel and the top of the sock.

Crochet Tall Comfy Socks (Patterns) (1) Crochet Tall Comfy Socks (Patterns)

Visit Craftsy for the $5 pattern (click here). Visit Ball Hank n Skein for the free pattern (click here).

Canadian Flag Quilts

How many quilters do you know in Canada? Here’s seven Canada-flag inspired quilts. If you have your own Canada quilt, please add a photo of it to our posts on social media, or send it to us — we’ll make one big giant quilt picture with as many as we receive. There are so many different types of quilts that exist, like ours and this traditional quilt made with tshirts!

So, in the land of many cold months, but the greatest land on Earth, here are the seven quilters behind these seven Canadian quilts:

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Above, Row 1: Paper piecing maple leaf pattern by Berene Campbell at Happy Sew Lucky; Canadian Flag, free pattern by Christine Thresh at Winnowing.

Row 2: Maple leaf block (left), seen in a finished quilt by Carly at Citric Sugar ; free paper pieced pattern (right) by Christina at Christina Creating.

Row 3: Maple Leaf Mug Rug, free template and tutorial by Lara (Buzzin Bumble) at Quilting Board; Maple Leaf free block pattern at Berrima Patchwork.

Row 4: Canadian flag table runner, free pattern at Sew Sisters.

(Photo of all the flags [bigger version]): (click here).

This list was created by Quilt Inspirations to wish Canada a happy Canada Day in 2014. Canada thanks you, Quilt Inspirations. Visit Quilt Inspirations (click here).