Build an Outdoor Room This Weekend

Build an Outdoor Room This Weekend

With one DIY outdoor structure you can build, you can modify it to have three customized rooms.

So what this is, basically, is a frame of a room with a frame of a peaked roof and frames of five windows (one on each of three sides of the building and two on each upright side of the peaked roof (the front and back of the roof, not the sloped sides). It doesn’t have anything on the bottom. The structure just stands there, and has one open side. The roof is just corrugated aluminum (but you could also use clear corrugated plastic, which would let in even more light for your plants, but would not give you much shade under your structure).

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And that’s really all it is. You can drape curtains for walls that you can open and close.

Building it: For the basic structure, level off a piece of land 7 and 3/4 feet square. You can use a shovel for this. (Make sure you check the building codes for where you live first. Your outdoor room may have to sit on concrete footings for stability.) The basic structure is made with 12 18-24 inch long wooden stakes.

To bring out the color of cedar wood, use a coat of deck sealer.

If you have a garden in your yard, you might want to build your outdoor room next to it. It will also provide shade for a planting station.

The roof can be made of 2X8 sheets of corrugated aluminum. They can be cut with tin snips (be very careful here, and use gloves for the task–aluminum sheets can cut DEEP). Once cut, the sheets can be screwed into the structure, overlapping each other and at the top seam. The top can be capped with an aluminum roof cap.

For the window box, use aluminum duct covers. First screw/nail a 2X4 to the structure, then screw the duct covers onto it. When its set up, a plant pot will sit nicely inside each cover.

For the roof, stretch wires across the roof beams–tight. Attach grommets to the top edge and bottom edge of the fabric panels. This will allow the panels to slide open to suit you.

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