Ultimate Recreational Vehicle Made From Freightliner Argosy

Freightliner Argosy

Call that a sleeper cab mate..? NAH…THIS is a sleeper cab! – Mic Dundee if he was a trucker…

Twins Custom Coaches webmaster Kioko Muthui is the source of bringing this find to the internet.

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“As I was doing some research for my next project I cam across a truck cab that just blew me away!” Muthui wrote Biglorryblog.

He wrote about a fabulous story of how Twons Custom Coaches converts a Freightliner Argosy into the ultimate Recreational Vehicle–with or without a trailer…

35 feet long.

Its a stretched out body and frame with much room for the box.

It was put together in 2007 by Todd and Mickey Larson’s Portland, Oregon-based

The Argosy breaks down like this:


Daimler Trucks North America
Production 1998-present

Body and chassis
Class Heavy Duty Truck
Body style COE

Cummins 500/6 IL
Cummins 620/6 IL
Series 60 470/6 IL
Series 60 500/6 IL
Cummins 530/6 IL


18-speed Eaton-Fuller UltraShift – PLUS
18-Speed Eaton-Fuller Autoshift Eaton-Fuller 10 speed, 13 speed, and 15 speed.

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