Peterbilt Cabover… What An Amazing-Looking Vehicle!!


Is this not an amazing-looking vehicle? Just a rectagle at the front of a chassis and belt. It really catches the eye.

Its a Peterbilt Cabover.

So simple, too, visually. Not any room to lay down, so you wouldn’t want to take this on trips or even use it as your personal truck, but the look. Rectangles on rectangles.

Is this a custom model?

We’ve written about cabovers here before.

The cabover is abbreviated COE, for Cab Over Engine. They’re also referred to as cab forward and forward control (in British English). They’re flat-faced and the cab sits atop the front axel.

The other form of truck has the cab behind the engine. These are called Conventionals.

There’s quite a lot of debate over which is better, which is more streamlined, and other comparisons. What do you think about the two types? What are the strengths and weaknesses?

We’ll look over the responses in the Comments section, and put the strong arguments into an article (and attribute the statements to the commenters, of course, you guys)!

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