10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Full Time RVing Across the Country

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Full Time RVing Across the Country

Almost all youngsters like those who are in their 20’s don’t have that much know-how about RVing.

Here are great information that you need to know before hitting the road!

  1. You can settle with medium-sized Rig, big ones are not advisable.

Some people think of getting a big one like a truck camper and it seems to be an economical scheme. But it would be difficult to go around the city with a big vehicle.

  1. Keep only necessary stuff with you.

It’s really stressful to store a lot of stuff that isn’t really necessary. It’s annoying to see a lot of clutter inside your cabinets, and some might be hanging on the floor as you have filled all cupboards and cabinets with various stuff that isn’t really necessary. Pack only what’s useful and enjoy a simple, clutter-free space.

  1. Learning how to clean your RV will create a good setting for you.

Unwept flooring boards, dishes with piled sink, stinky bathroom tiles will make you stressed the whole day. Being able to organize your time and learning on how to make it orderly and clean is a must. It’s after all your little space and cleaning the whole area makes a great difference.

  1. Don’t always rely on what Google Maps tells you. If it says it is just three hours and forty-five minutes away, then must be five hours.

Bear in mind that driving a n RV is really cannot be compared with driving a car. You can’t veer off through traffic and it will take time to get from one point to another point.

  1. It’s a fact that there will be time that you need to have it repaired as one part of it can be broken.

No one can claim that an RV is perfect. Light bulbs have to be replaced and the sockets have to be inspected by an electrician. The kitchen sink might be leaking or the countertop tiles need to be replaced or all other things that may break as materials wear out.

  1. Make time your best friend.

Time becomes your friend when you make time for everything. This is for RVing and it also applies to our life. Exploring things are you hit the road is an awesome adventure that you must not miss. Enjoy scenic lunch breaks and have a time of your life.

  1. If there are RV reward points and discount programs, grab it!

Be aware of reward points and discount programs that companies offer. It will pay off and you’ll be glad that you are getting sliced prices even if it’s just 10-15%.

  1. Stay alert with Walmarts policy.

You’ll be disappointed if you will be greeted with a policy that says ‘NO overnight staying please’.  Those who RVed before would advise you to just make Wal-Mart your parking lot and you’ll be able to stay overnight!

But to be safe and sure, seek the manager’s consent if night camping is allowed.

  1. If you love Mexican Food, take not that aren’t around in many places.

Pack a lot of salsa and nachos for your enjoyable snacks. You might be disappointed while hitting the road and you’re so hungry but there are no Mexican Foods around the town.

  1. It must be true that the people who are in RV Park are the people you can really rely on.

You can seek help on how to replace the hose from them and every time you need them, call for their help.

The ten great points must be some of things you should know before starting a full time RVing.