Tips for Calming Children with Autism

Tips for Calming Children with Autism

A year ago, my eldest son was diagnosed with echolalia, a disorder wherein he was just repeating every word an adult that he’s having a conversation with was saying. He couldn’t compose his own words and express what he wants. “Your child may have slight autism.” These words are the only words that were etched on my mind during the 1 hour session we had with the child psychiatrist. It was really frustrating for me as a parent to see my child having difficulty expressing himself and as a mother I felt terrible that I cant calm or understand what he needs. It was heartbreaking indeed.

Different research studies have been done to find a way to effectively calm a child that has been diagnosed with autism. One method may work for you but not to your friend who has an autistic child as well. As a parent, you really have to be patient and strategically find a way or best method that will work for you and your child. So don’t lose hope. Look for a different method if the first try was unsuccessful.

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Having a routine that will work for you and your child is the best and most common strategy on calming a child that has autism. Some find a singing family soothing but it is unique for each person. This routine may have different reactions on autistic children since most of their essential needs can be displayed on a daily routine like eating breakfast at exactly 7 am or dinner at 6pm. Knowing that their essential needs will be attended to at this specific time and on a daily basis helps them to feel calm and secure.

My son always finds bright street lights fascinating. It makes him calm and happy. For some of us this may seem a normal thing but for a special child, this helps him find serenity and security.

Always remember that it is you who is going to adjust to their needs. You cannot force the child to understand and accept the changes that are happening around them because in their mind, it is the environment that will adjust for them. Extra patience, love and understanding is a must on finding the best routine or method that will work to your special child.


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