11 Gardening Secrets The Experts Never Tell You

11 Gardening Secrets
  1. Adding mulch to your plants is something to be done with proper timing. When it’s frosting out and you add it to your growing plants, creepy pests will have warm shelter during cold days. Instead add mulch after the first frosting has occurred.
  2. Choose vegetables that are loved by the whole family. It makes no sense to plant mustard if no one wants to eat it.
  3. Planting vegetables that easily grow is practical so choose tomatoes, peppers, sweet peas, beans, cucumber, potatoes and Swiss chard. It’s disappointing to keep on planting something that it is hard to grow, isn’t? Some experts may even suggest to gardeners that to help their plants grow more efficiently, they should consider taking a look at hydroponics to help them do this. It’s just the method of growing plants without soil that’s all. It’s worth a try if you really want to try growing something that you’ve had trouble with in the past.
  4. Install a trellis for your cucumbers. Planting them on the ground is not advisable as it naturally climbs up. You don’t want it to be crawling on the ground as it will look messy and the tendency is that it won’t produce more cucumbers.
  5. Knowing how to take good care of tomatoes by placing a sturdy support will help in yielding more tomatoes. It will also keep the plant healthy.
  6. Correct timing is a good planting system. Take note that hardy ones like Swiss chard, carrots and also beets have to be planted four weeks before the last frost.
  7. Seek advice from local farms and nurseries which plants grow well in your area. Based on their, they can suggest which ones grow well.11 Gardening Secrets
  8. The first thing that you have to do is to think how to protect your plants from pests. For tomato and squash, plant marigold around them to protect them unwanted pests. However, it’s worth knowing that your efforts to prevent pests may be in vain, and you may have to look towards professional pest removal options at a certain point. If you begin to notice pests spread in and around your house, you need to act fast to ensure they’re gone as soon as possible. There are many fantastic pest control companies, such as Terminix, who will be able to help.
  9. Every time you steam or boil your vegetables, don’t just throw the water away. You can use it to water your plants after it is cooled. Growing vegetables love this type of water!
  10. Harvesting vegetables early in the morning is the best time as it will preserve the nutrients of the veggies. You can store leafy green vegetables in the chiller. And to keep the flavor of tomatoes, don’t keep them in the fridge.
  11. Make sure there is no stagnant water in your garden as mosquitoes complete their life cycle on stagnant water.

These effective gardening secrets the experts never tell you is simple and easy to do. So,enjoy your vegetable garden.

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