Name That Canadian Dog!

Canadian Dogs

Can you correctly identify all six of these Canadian breeds? Match the numbers to the correct descriptions. Here are some hints:

__A__ Native to Nova Scotia, these duck dogs have made excellent companions for hunters. They enjoy playing in the water but are hardworking when it comes time to hunt waterfowl. Active families who enjoy playing ball and Frisbee, as well as enjoying long walks, are perfect homes for these loyal animals.

__B__ Unfortunately this breed is extinct. They were excellent swimmers and were very popular with our fishermen on the East Coast of Canada. It is sometimes referred to as the lesser Newfoundlander. Its ‘tuxedo’ markings are distinctive to the breed and can be seen in many Labs.

__C__ Considered to be guard dogs, these large animals are working dogs with a history of search and rescue. They possess an excellent temperament and are good babysitters for families with children. They also have a history of assisting fishermen with their nets.

__D__These web footed dogs are very strong and large in size. Their fur is water-resistant with an oily and dense undercoat for warmth in our cold Eastern climates. They rarely bark and make excellent additions to any family, as they are loyal, gentle, and social pets.

__E__ This dog is sometimes referred to as the popular American breed choice. They are excellent companions for hunters with a history of working with the fishermen. Many people enter into shows with these beautiful dogs. They are also found working with people in need of assistance.

__F__ A hardworking sled dog who can tolerate the cold climates within our Canadian borders. Nunavut has adopted this dog as its provincial animal symbol. The Inuit refer to this dog as ‘Qimmiq’. These loveable pups are best in adult households, and they do not fare well in warmer climates.

By Joyce Plaxton

Answers: A.5,B.3,C.4,D.2,E.6,F.1