10 Most Expensive Dogs in the World

10 Most Expensive Dogs in the World

If you’re in the market to buy a dog, it’s important to do some research on not only their price, but also if they’re likely to suffer from diseases and other ailments over it’s lifetime. It depends on the dog. Some dogs are more expensive than others.
Many wealthy dog owners enjoy looking for pedigree dogs which are usually more expensive but ensures they are of the highest quality. They get the finest dog food and clothing from places like https://bone-idol.com to make sure the dog is well kept. Here are some of the most expensive dogs in the world:

In order of cost to be purchased, the most expensive is the English Bulldog, where a puppy can be $3000 and go up from there. They live 8-10 years and have risks of having heart conditions, hip and elbow dysplasia, cancer, multiple eye problems, allergies, skin issues, and even suffer from hypothermia. Unfortunately, this means you’ll most likely be stuck with veterinary bills over it’s entire life. Considering these dog’s price tag, many owners use dog DNA tests in order to check their dog is 100% purebread. You can read a dog dna test guide by ilovedogfriendly for more infomation!

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The second most expensive dog to buy is the German Shepherd, which will set you back about $2500. Plus it has man allergies, gastrointestinal ailments, tends to have bloating issues, cancer, Degenerative Myelopathy, and they have hip and elbow dysplasia.

The other 8 in descending order price wise are the French Bulldog, Chow Chow, Tibetan Mastiff, Irish Wolfhound, Great Dane, Rottweiler, Bernese Mountain Dog, and Basset Hound.

It should be noted that larger dogs are typically more prone to having health problems than smaller ones.

Remember when you buy a dog that you’ll be responsible for more than it’s initial fee. It’s important to consider how much it costs to raise a dog over its lifetime. However, its not just about the money needed to sustain the dog health over it’s lifetime. You also have to care for it in terms of food, shots and toys. You also need to walk it and give it enough exercise, socialize with it, and tend to its health.

Overall, it may cost you upwards of $10,000 to properly care for the dog over it’s lifetime. This is comparable to buying a used car. Make sure you use k9 dna test to find out the exact breed and heritage of your dog and therefore how to properly care for it!

What is priceless, however, is the companionship that the dog will give you over it’s lifetime. They truly are man’s best friend.

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