This RV’s Rear Door Opens and You See … THIS!

The scenery in this photo is nice, but what about that comfortable looking room that opens up in the back of this fifth wheel RV? Not only does this trailer have that open rear area for dining, it also has three slide outs and a large cargo area.

In toy hauler fashion, the large cargo area is often used to transport off road vehicles, bikes, sometimes small cars, and other things like that.

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The interior kitchen area (not the rear area pictured above) is spacious-looking. Enough room for two leather couches on one side, the kitchen appliances on the other side, and an island counter with a full double sink in the middle. The stove has a 3-burner range. On the third wall, there is a “rustic” stone-faced fireplace.

The bathroom has a ceramic toilet, walk in shower (full sized shower), and a large counter with a full sink.

It really doesn’t look much like the roughing-it RVs I used to automatically think of when I pictured a travel trailer. It looks more like a condensed small apartment with its fireplaces and things.

In the back (pictured above), there that ramp, which is an 8-footer to load vehicles and even pack heavy cargo with dollys.

It’s a Forest River Vengeance 39B12 Touring Edition Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler (pictured above is the 2015 model).

These fifth wheelers go for around $92,500 and up ($92 being the basic starting price by the looks of it). For more about this Forest River toy hauler trailer, click here.

vengeance toy hauler exterior vengeance toy hauler