This Travel Trailer is Like a Mobile-Home

According to people who deal with travel trailers every day, this travel trailer is unique and could be ideal for parking at a lake spot or somewhere an RVer wants to stay long term. It also has a lot of other features most trailers don’t have.

It’s a wide-bodied travel trailer. This is a wide-bodied trailer — 100 inches wide. Most travel trailers are only 8 feet wide. It is also very tall for a trailer.

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It’s basically a backwards fifth wheel. You tow it on the bumper instead of on a gooseneck like in your truck bed. There’s two slides in the living room, and the bedroom also has a slide. Also, the body is fully-enclosed and the underbelly is fully insulated. All the open ranges are 0 and 100 degree tested. It’s called a Journeyer 340FLR Patio Deck Travel Trailer, by Open Range RV.

For RVers who like to go offroad with their fifth wheels, this trailer has giant fifth wheel tires. Those large tires will keep them from overheating like some smaller trailer tires can do.

The trailer is designed to operate on 4 20 pound propane tanks — a lighter, easier to use tank than a lot of trailers use.

The whole exterior is laminated. There’s a backup camera option. There’s an easy-to-access full spare tire in the back side compartment. It has large awnings. Like in the photo above.

And the interior uses very strong lights, that even make a difference in daylight. It has a rolling storage island (like the island in some people’s kitchens). All the cabinetry has hidden hinges.

And those slide outs. Because the travel trailer has that high ceiling, it also has slide outs that are “walk-in slide outs.” You can stand up in the slide outs of this RV trailer.

It’s also considered to have a lot of very high quality features. And there’s some innovation involved, too. The baggage doors around the outside, some of them swing downward because its easier to get in to them that way to store equipment. This unit was recently for sale on Haylett RV. Visit them to see what they have on offer right now (click here). This trailer is most recommend for users who are planning on moving around and are looking for some space to live as they travel. If you are just looking for a small space to live and are not as worried about travelling around the country in your home. I would recommend looking at a Mobile Homes Dealership to see what suits you.