The Future Truck

future truck

What do you think of this cabover design? It reminds me of a football or even speed skier helmet, which maybe is relevant, because aerodynamics of vehicles including semi tractors and other commercial vehicles are still improving yearly. As far as I can tell, this design comes to us from the creative mind of designer Edmund Keefe.

This particular semi truck design is based on — if we can say it’s really based on any vehicle — an American semi tractor manufacturer, as you can see.

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It’s interesting that the designer even styled the sleeper, and that sleeper window is both something new and fits in well in the overall design. I’m thinking this designer is experienced in semi tractor design.

Cabovers. Will they come back in style? Of course, they are used in Europe, and the cabover is one solution to length limits anywhere there are length limits.

This custom vehicle concept is part of a contest held by Local Motors Forge in conjunction with Peterbilt. It’s a kind of open source, online platform where any would-be semi tractor designers can submit their plans, and Peterbilt of course gets the benefit of outsourcing so much talent it wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

The stated plan for the contest is that Peterbilt is aiming at manufacturing a more fuel-efficient sleeper cab tractor. It wants to retain the Peterbilt look, but also have a new design. The prize is announced at $10,000 dollars. UPDATE: This particular contest seems to be over, and the Local Motors Forge appears to no longer be online. Anyone with any further information on this semi concept design project, let us know what’s going on.

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