RV Trailer with a Smart Car, and It Can Do Sharp Turns

What do you think of these set-ups where they use a big tractor and tow a fifth wheel trailer, but then they also park a small vehicle on the bed of the tractor? I’ve seen them load little Isuzu’s and smart cars on the bed mostly. Of course, you could also add an ATV to your RV trailer / semi set up this way, too, and tow a toyhauler.

Now, having this kind of luxury RV set up is one thing. Being able to pull it off without having any kind of incident is another. You don’t want to damage your trailer, and you don’t want to damage your small commuter either.

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So that means that a narrower car is better — at least for keeping from making dents.

And truckers out there, and RV owners who have experience with turning large fifth wheel trailers might be wondering about jacknifing with this set up — probably the single most important consideration with this.

Well, we found a company called RV Haulers who showed that it can be done with a small smart car like theirs.

They got two RV owners to let them use their tractor – fifth wheel trailer rigs to demonstrate a jackknife with their largest 5th wheelers while also loaded up with one of their small smart cars on their platform, called the RVHauler. The company specializes in building heavy duty trucks that can safely tow a huge, heavy fifth wheel trailer and have space on the deck for a car. Turning as sharp as the truck will go, the trailer doesn’t touch the car.

And for those of you wondering how they put the smart car onto the heavy duty haulers: They usually use a set of metal ramps to drive up onto the platform. (But there are also fancy electronic lifters that can be added as a tractor modification). To visit RVHaulers, (click here).

RV Trailer with a Smart Car