Little Transformable Trailer Does Multiple Jobs – Neat RV

Well, not everyone wants (or has space or funds for) a large motorhome or giant luxury fifth wheel toy hauler, right? But do you need something that big? Maybe you don’t. We found this small trailer that does a bunch of different jobs (it transforms to do them) for just those people who like smaller trailers.

This RV trailer can be a sleeping unit. It also has a BBQ area for outdoor entertainment. And it can become a bed trailer to haul ATVs and other vehicles, or cargo.

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It’s a Fleetwood Scorpion S1 pop up camper/Toy Hauler. The one in the photo above has had a bit of modification done to it. That porch in the photo is the main change. It has 2 queen size beds that fold out to the sides and the door opens onto the cargo area.

The front of it also has a 3′ or 4′ x 8′ cargo area. And the interior has an L-shaped couch (fold down couch), toilet, 8 tie down loops built into the main cargo area.

The weight of it is 1,900 pounds, and the length is around 28 feet total. You can tow one of these with a smaller SUV or truck (or even car, probably), even with a load of ATV, bikes, cargo, whatever.

Also, because a lot of people thinking about this trailer might also be thinking about the prices of used trailers, I have seen these ones, about 10 years old, in nice shape, and they’re asking around $10,000 or under. You can see more at the company’s website, Fleetwood (click here). You can compare the photos of the trailer being used to haul (folded down) or transport versus the trailer in use (above).

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