Double Decker! Luxury Converted Horse Trailer

Double Decker RV

This is a double decker horse trailer from Holland. It’s made from one of those popular Volvo tractors and it looks like around an 80 foot horse trailer.

When the top slips down, the unit becomes regulation height (in Europe, the whole cabover thing is also based on size limits — length in that case).

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These are one of the things people are doing with horse trailers. They take a horsetrailer and RV-ize it into a mobile home style RV. Some of them can become quite luxurious.

These Volvo FHs, Swedish made, were introduced in 1993 — “Forward Control High Entry” — and have been one of the most succesful truck series: 400,000 units worldwide. These horse trailers are to the order of around 80 feet.

So horseboxes aka horse trailers are meant practically for transporting horses on the road. A lot of horsebox conversions are done by custom semi or other vehicle conversion companies — there are ones that specialize in horse trailers, some are luxury, some more practical. Some people, though, don’t go to custom shops because they prefer to customize their horsetrailer themselves.

This can be done, of course.

Here’s some steps to do it, to give an idea:

  • Get a good mattress and install it on the trailer’s bay.
  • Carpet the floors
  • Install some drawers — stackable storage drawers are one way
  • Stock the drawers with utensils, clothing, office supplies, whatever you need to bring with you
  • Install a bench or small couch
  • Install a heater / AC with a thermostat (preferably) to control the temperature (although many heaters / ACs turn themselves on and off in response to a set temperature
  • (option) Install insulation in/on the walls, floor and ceiling
  • (option) Repaint or tile
  • (option) Install electrical outlets (wires under insulation for appearance is a way many do it)
  • Install TV, audio / video systems, fridge, stove
  • Install water tank
  • Build a store room for buckets, hoses, tools, etc.