2000 Pete 379 EXD Hood

2000 Pete 379 EXD Hood

Man she’s a sweet looking girl. The two-tone paint is a cool looking color scheme. At first I Wasn’t to sure of the rusty, burnt orange on the lower half. But the Feller I took it to for hanging the Drop and painting frame rails, fenders and the axle talked me into it. We looked at a lot of paint Chips and he assured me the color would be wicked (some old Ford Maverick color). Ha Ha!

But When I picked it up my mind was really blown, I loved it. It really backed up the polished aluminum And chrome nicely with the sun and metal flake it just really popped. I yarded the half fenders And put on the quarters just to make it easier for throwing iron In the winter. All that matched up with an 18 speed and a C 15,550 H P. She just chiseled that asphalt up.

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The interior I thought was pretty cool too with an 18″ shifter Extension with a handle on top that was machined and chrome plated, looked more like a custom chopper hand throttle, It looked bad ass.

She had high back leather buckets set into a set of floor pans and bamboo hardwood threw out. Also there 3-10″ subs up under the bunk with 3800 watts in the closet,it would just thump,those sleeper walls would just be shaking.In town I would dial it up just to turn heads, if the 7″unmuffled stacks didn’t already have Ya plugging your ears. HaHa.

Man I’m telling You with all the led’s inside and out and red light bars under the cab ,just above the tanks at night it was super cool.With the 265 WB. And 3 7’s rears it was sorta a dream ride to roll in .Everywhere I trucked it was compliments and can I get a pic.Always a big smile on my face. Keep on Truckin Jet!

This article was written by the owner of this sweet Pete extended hood, Craig Matthews. Stoked to have you with us Craig. I think a lot of people are going to enjoy this new writers writing on something he knows well — big trucks! He’s an ex-trucker and knows a bunch about trucks, RVs, bikes and hot rods.

2000 Pete 379 EXD Hood Here’s Craig’s truck.