How To Fend Off A Shark

How To Fend Off A Shark

Every time I hear the word shark, the first thing that comes to my mind is this vicious, dangerous, flesh eating fish. Thanks to the Hollywood movies Jaws and Deep Blue Sea, it brought us fear of the sea because these predators might decide to add us humans as part of their meal.

But the truth is that only 20 species are known that pose threat to humans. And sharks don’t like the taste of us humans. It’s just a tragic story of a mistaken identity. They think that its either a sea lion or just some fish. The most known and dangerous is the great white shark. Give credit to the movie Jaws as it took our fear of sharks to a whole new level. The hammerhead, mako and tiger shark are equally dangerous as the great white as well. There are reported shark attacks by the gray, blue, lemon, sand and bull sharks.

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There’s no specific time of the day when they eat. They feed day and night. So the best way to protect yourself is to know what to do in case you are in that scenario.

When you are in the water, it’s best to swim in group because it increases the chances of survival in case of a shark attack. Sharks can be a loner predator when they hunt for their food but in most cases filed for shark attacks, there has been more than one shark preying on the poor victim or victims. Make sure you have your clothing on, if possible include your shoes. Most cases of shark attacks first the people whom have barely any clothes on and they begin with their feet. These also protect you from possible cuts if the shark tries to attack you. You will not want to bleed in the water for it might just invite more of his kind that are nearby. Save your strength and stay alert. Their eyes and gills are their most vulnerable part. If you don’t have anything to protect you, use your bare hands to punch the gills and eyes. If you can blind them that will be much better and the shark might just swim away. In any case, never give up! Remember when you’re under attack it’s either eat or be eaten, so try to go with the former!

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