Crochet Cat Bed (Free Pattern)

crochet cat bed

This curious cat bed creation is the crochet work of Eilen Tein. How would YOUR cat react to being put in this crafty crochet project? Some of these photos were posted by Dapper Toad, who used the pattern when she finally got a cat — she’d been waiting to use it, she said.

Dapper Toad’s cat is named “Muffin,” so she calls her crochet cat bed a cat oven.

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She used one and a half skeins of Wool Ease Thik n Quick to crochet this cat bed.

What color would you use? Can you think of any other uses for a cat bed pattern?

For Dapper Toad, the crochet project took her 4 hours, which she said was, “no time, really.”

She said her cat Muffin really likes it.

She made an off-white cat bed. The original by Mrs. Tein was a light pink on. She sewed it while her cat was in it. When it’s half complete, it looks just like a lot of cat beds. Then it turns into something like an igloo.

The pattern at Eilen Tein: Click here. (English is down below the Finnish language.)