Hot Tub Anywhere You Go?

portable hot tub

RVers everywhere have different ideas about being out there on the road, visiting natural sites and doing everything RVers do, but at least a part of that has to do with making their trip a bit comfortable.

Anyone whose ever RVed will know that unless you have a giant luxury motorhome or toterhome or something, bathing can be a difficult thing to find a solution to. Even in luxury motor homes, most of them have showers that allow standing only.

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Of course, there are hot spings RVers can visit, but here’s another idea that’s gotten a bit of pupularity. It’s an RV portable hot tub.

It’s by a Portland company called The Original Nomad, and it works like this.

It takes 20 minutes to set up, approximately, for this road trip or travel style 225-gallon folding tub. It comes in 3 colors, by the way.

It comes in a small bag (like a hockey duffle bag). Its unfolded and given form like a tent, with pegs. Then the metal coil is attached and to the tub and the propane tanks, turned on, and the tub starts to heat up.