Rustic Cabin Rental

rustic cabin rental

Rustic cabins are a natural way to get away from a lot of the city and town-related things you might want to take a break from, and you can get into nature, breathe some fresh air, smell the trees and rain and moss around you, and get some “clean dirt” on you and your clothes.

One way to do it is to search for individual cabins to rent (or buy) on a real estate website, but another is to rent a cabin just the way you rent a hotel, by researching one online, finding the one you like, making a reservation, and then making a trip.

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One example is the bunch of rustic cabins in the outdoors around Santa Barbara, California. Yeah, its a California cabin rental near the beach. It’s actually around 10 minutes driving from the Santa Barbara Airport, so flying there from other states is also possibly an option. It’s off the 101 freeway morth of the city.

They call these trips “luxury campers” because although they’re out in the forest, the staff provides many of the amenities you would have access to if you were staying in another kind of rental. Also, its close to town so you can drive into town for supplies and things.

The groves these cabins are located in are oak and sycamore along the El Capitan Creek. The campground is called “El Capitan Canyon”. They have 108 individual cedar cabins of a lot of different sizes, in addition to “safari tents”. Visit El Capitan Canyon (click here).