How Important Is Omega-3 To The Brain?

Our bodies definitely have a specific way of functioning, and there are certain elements needed for it to function healthy. I am always amazed at the articles that are written about Omega-3. I consider in some sense it to be on the level of requirement in our everyday lives. I am aware of the cardiovascular benefits by taking Omega-3, for it will help with lowering cholesterol and triglycerides. And it makes sense that Omega-3 would help with reducing joint pain from those who have Rheumatoid arthritis because it reduces inflammation.

Omega-3 helps those with mood swings, depression, poor memory, and circulation. The facts are the size of our brains is what makes the difference when it comes to poor memory. Studies are showing that as we age our brains start shrinking. An example of this is in Alzheimer’s the brain cell’s shrink and are replaced with dense spots know as plaque. Remember, when I said Omega-3 has cardiovascular benefits it works the same way in your brain. Omega-3 may halt or prevents the shrinkage in your brain.

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The International Conference on Alzheimer’s disease was held in Paris.   Dr. Loris Daiello presented at the conference a study consisting of 819 older adults. The data consisted of 117 men and women who took the fish oil regularly in comparison to 702 those who did not. After three years she gave a memory test to the 819 people. Her findings were the shrinkage of the brains was less in the 117 people than those who did not take Omega-3. Most people are unaware of how importance the meaning is; “You are what you eat.” Although every person’s bodies is not the same, there are elements that can assist everyone in living healthier. Of course before anyone decides to change their way of living it is always advisable to converse with a certified doctor.

By Linda Allen