Food Flags, Flags Made Out Of Food!

Food Flags

How many of these delicious flags can you name the country for? The flags all use a variety of ingredients, but the flag makers tried to stick to basic traditional food for each country. Is there any country you think they should have included? and what food would you make their flag out of?

The flags here:

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Top row: Meat pie Australian food flag. The union jack is a sauce spread. India’s food flag has curries for the orange sacrifice and prosperity and rice for peace (the meaning of the Indian flag) and has a papad in the center. Lebanon’s flag is one you might not have got: its made out of pita bread with tomatoes and parsley on top. Britain’s Union Jack food flag is made from a scone with jams and cream on top.

Second row: Brazil’s green, yellow and blue flag is made from banana leaf, limes, and a diamond-shaped cut of pinapple. The center circle is a passion fruit. Spain’s stripes are made from rice and chorizo. Italy’s food flag, as you might guess, is pasta with two sides: basil leaves and tomatoes. The U.S. food flag is hot dogs, as you can see, and a non-food square with the 50 stars.

Third row: ┬áThat’s blue cheese, brie and grapes set out on a plate for the food flag of France. Japan’s is a piece of raw tuna atop a circle of white rice. Switzerland’s food flag is Swiss cheese atop charcuteries. And China’s stars are made of starfruit sitting upon dragonfruit.

Bottom row: Greece’s food flag is made of olives and feta cheese. Korea’s is sauces in a bowl surrounded by kimbap. Vietnam’s food flag has starfruit and a mix of lychees and rambutans. And Turkey’s star and crescent is made of, as you might guess, Turkish delights. The pattern looks to be just where they have whetted off the powder. Which ones would you eat?

Food Flags