How To Make 46 Awesome Freezer Meals in 4 hours For Just $95

How To Make 46 Awesome Freezer Meals in 4 hours For Just $95

Before anything else, let us define what a freezer meal is. Freezer meals, like they are named, are meals cooked before time and stored inside the freezer for the upcoming days. This method can be exceptionally beneficial to all the busy individuals who want home-cooked meals and not to succumb to the temptation of take-out. Besides, freezer meals are cheaper than having to go out to a restaurant. Well, depending on your meal of course.

Now, how do you get started with freezer meals for just $95? Simple. First, go out of your way and do some sweep in your local market for bargained prices on meats, onions, potatoes or anything you might need for the recipe you’re working on. Nothing beats a good sale.

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Once you’ve got everything settled and before you can prepare a meal, make sure that what you’re preparing can be left in a freezer for a long duration of time. After all, freezing meals can be as tricky as cooking your favorite meals.

So what are the things that are freezable? Well, mostly anything actually. The most freeze-friendly items would include pasta sauces, meatballs, meatloaf, marinated meats, burritos, chilies, vegetables, beans, cooked rice and the list goes on.

As for meals, the following are also freezer-friendly. So get some ideas and get started from here!

1.) Lamb and Apricot Meatballs

The foundation ingredients? Minced lean lamb meat and dried apricots of course! After all, no one can resist a good meatball.

2.) Proper beef, Ale & mushroom pie

The comfort food classic. And although it may take a longer time to prepare this one, it will either stay longer in your freezer for a long time or be gone in a minute. Well, I think the latter’s more believable.

3.) Cheese and Bacon Lasagna

This had always been a family-friendly recipe and is exceptionally an inexpensive one.

4.) Soups

May it be from spiced carrot & lentil soup to a hearty pasta soup, they never fail in greeting you in the freezer unspoiled. Well, with a little heating of course.

5.) Chicken and Bacon Stew

Cook this in bulk and you don’t have to worry about cooking for the days to come. Not because it’s not good but rather it’s nice to savor a good meal once in a while.

You can see where we’re going with freezer meals now. I’m sure you can put together innumerable dishes from what you have in your kitchen/pantry.

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