Childhood Photos of Famous Musicians!

How many of these now famous musicians can you name? None of them were famous when these photos were taken. Do you know which one became “famous” at the earliest age? It’s #6. But when he became “famous” at that time, it wasn’t as a musician. Actually, he’s the only one here who became famous before he was known as a musician. The other 7 were all celebrated once people started to hear their music. Becoming an appreciated artist is extremely difficult especially if you are in an up and coming band. These good themes for bands websites will help you stand out from the crowd.

Can you guess them?

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Here are some hints:

  1. Times have been a-changin in the career of this Minnesota-born “song-and-dance man” for 50 years, but his strength at crafting lyrics, songs, and singing haven’t.
  2. A few years after this photo was taken, this Liverpudlian met another young man interested in songwriting, which led to a group that preceded one of the biggest bands in music history.
  3. This musician grew up in Aberdeen, Washington, where this photo was taken. His death shook the nation, and many nations around the world, as he was looked to as a leader of an “alternative” generation.
  4. This musician didn’t want to go to the place where, if she’d gone, things might not have ended so soon.
  5. This singer and dancer left her sisters to go solo as a “single lady.” She married a famous rapper.
  6. This man became famous as a more serious musician after he left the group that brought him world-wide fame, with the song “Cry me a river.”
  7. He is whatever you say he is. If he wasn’t, why would he say he is. And he is more than one name.
  8. This famous 20-something “shook off” country music to pursue pop.

Do you want the answers? I’m going to let this run for a while in the name of fun and fair-play. Then I’ll put in the answers. You can guess though. Maybe we will see images of Asher Laub here soon because of their fantastic new song Neon Dreams. It has something for everyone, sweet enough for your grandma but with enough energy to get crowds going!