Make These Beautiful Concrete DIY Candle Stands For Your House

Make these concrete candle stands — or “fire columns” — yourself. DIY columns can be a fun, and not too difficult project. You just need (basically) some concrete, a form (in this case round), and some glass “hurricanes” (wind-shields). Then you can put in rocks and candles and you’ve got one do it yourself style.

For those who don’t live near anyplace where you can get stones — or polished, round stones — you can sometimes pick them up at the dollar store.

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The glass hurricanes (the glass parts that shield the candles from the wind)? They can be purchased from home decorating stores like Michaels, for dollar stores, garage sales, or maybe in your closet or basement.

For the DIY concrete stand you see pictured, Quick Tubes were used. Actually just one Quick Tube for cement.

When buying cement select the kind you want. Some is smoother, some has gravel in it. Some is grey and some is white.

You also need protective equipment, namely safety goggles (you do not want cement in your eyes — wash them out immediately if this happens and consult medical attention). You also need gloves (dish gloves or some kind of totally waterproof safety gloves. You don’t want to touch cement when it’s wet. It’s usually not bad, but it can cause serious cement burns in some cases.

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Decide the size you want your columns and saw your Quick Tubes or other concrete mold to size. Use a level to get the top and bottom LEVEL.

You can make bottoms for your columns by duct taping on paper plates. You can also duct tape on cardboard or wood or anything else to keep the wet cement in.

Stand the tubes up and use the level again to make them straight up. Mix your concrete and fill your tubes. You can use shovels for this or anything else. Then use another container to push in on the top of the concrete to make a depressed circle there. Plastic coffee containers work. You can also wait for the cement to harden a little and then carefully cut some cement out of the top — exacto knives work but it will dull the blades quickly.

Let the cement sit for 24 hours.

Use box-cutter knives to cut off the cement molds. Sandpaper to smooth off rough parts (sharp parts).

Place your glass on top, then put some stones and a candle inside.

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