Concrete DIY Flower Vase You Can Easily Make Yourself!

Concrete DIY Flower Vase

Look at this beaufiful vase made by Shannon Madigan of Madigan Made.

Look at the great touch she put on it with that paint. She’s using the color of the concrete as well — that grey — as a second color with that aquamarine. You can get concrete in many colors as well, and you can die concrete.

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Making things with concrete is very easy and only requires a little precaution — concrete is safe, but you don’t want to get it in your eyes (there are serious dangers there, but actual trajedies are rare) or on your skin (again, concrete burns are real, but as anyone who has worked with concrete before, it gets on your skin once in a while, and you generally don’t ever notice. (DO NOT, however, disregard safety precautions. People have been seriously injured after wading in concrete for periods of time). If you want to learn more about concrete, check out for more information.

One of the things with concrete is it can crack, but if you set it and it doesn’t crack, its going to be good for a while (unless you drop it).

Madigan used a square paper milk carton for the square vase. She filled it almost full with concrete, then she placed her glass in her concrete mold and filled up the sides so she was satisfied. She cleaned up the edges with paper towel.

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She let it set for around 8 hours, then tore off the milk carton (which is a great idea because it has a wax coating, and, unlike raw cardboard, won’t stick to concrete as easily. If you don’t have wax coatings, you can line your box with saran wrap or coat it with Vaseline.

Know what Madigan did for the bottom? Put felt circles (the kind you buy from the dollar store and put on the bottom of your chairs’ legs) on the bottom (she used 4).

These concrete craft vases might be nice out in the garden as well. Fun activity for craft hobbies.

Then she painted it. Concrete, paint and crafting.

Visit MadiganMade‘s site.