What Are These Spheres Made From?

Can you guess what these spheres are made from? Each one has a different material surface. Some are harder than others to guess. See how many you can get before reading the answers…

1. A sugary drink
2. Water & oxygen contribute to its condition
3. When it gets warm out this happens
4. Typically found in volcanoes
5. This was a span of time in human history

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6. Morganite, Rhodochrosite, Rubellite Tourmaline to name a few
7. Not a crow
8. Although European, this creature has been creating havoc in BC, Canada
9. Where they got Dino DNA in the movie
10. A precious gem
11. The opposite of hint 2
12. They are made in mills
13. It is used to see at night
14. Often seen at frat parties in big containers
15. This was also a span of time in human history
16. Grows on trees

Answers: 1. cola 2. rusted metal 3. melting ice 4. lava 5. old bronze 6. pink gem 7. raven’s wing
8. chafer beetle 9. amber 10. jade 11. polished metal 12. planks 13. candle wax 14. beer
15. crude iron 16. old mossy bark

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