How To Make A DIY Newborn Envelope Blanket

How To Make A DIY Newborn Envelope Blanket

Babies are thought to not be delivered by storks, but sometimes an envelope is the right place for a baby. Here’s a design that will wrap a newborn up in warmth. The design is simple and it doubles as a play mat.

One of the best things about these envelope blankets is that they are very simple to make. Newborns will stay warm in a creative piece of work that their own parent has made, and it’s a great conversation starter as well; just don’t be surprised if you see your friend’s newborn wrapped up in one of them sometime down the road!

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Another wonderful benefit from making this blanket yourself is just how inexpensive it is to make. It’s far cheaper than buying a similar blanket at the store or purchasing online but if you were interested in getting a personalized blanket, consider a photo blanket. But I digress.

On top of all that, you get to show just how creative you really are! Your friends will be very impressed that you were able to make this blanket by yourself. The secret is that it’s very simple and quick to make, but they don’t have to know that…let them think it took you a long time to make it!

However, please note that it is not recommended for use in the car as it could be dangerous to use something like this in a car seat. The best course of action would probably be not to try to use one in a car seat until/unless they get some kind of approval and are deemed safe for that.

But for non-car situations, there is a variety of variations on the baby blanket. Some are round, some are star-shaped. You can also be as creative as you want to be while making it. You can add all sorts of doo dads, ribbons and decorations if you feel like it. However, your baby’s safety should be of the utmost importance, and if you feel that he’ll be in danger of ingesting any part of the design it’s probably best not to include them.

Overall, you really can’t go wrong with this DIY envelope blanket. Your baby will be able to comfortable nap anytime of the day, and you can watch them sleep with your baby monitor, aka your third eye. You could find new and more suitable monitors here, if yours doesn’t meet your standards. You’ll not only be the envy of your friends, but your baby will be securely wrapped up in this inexpensive, quick to make, and adorable blanket. You can Google “how to make the DIY envelope blanket” or click on the links below for instructions. Enjoy making it!

Here’s some images and links to free patterns for them:

FREE PDF Pattern. 0-4 months & PDF Pattern 4-6 months

For more photos/information, and The Patterns, visit This Webpage