How to Remove Avast from Startup

Giving up on the dozens of “support” forums where you asked, “How do I remove Avast from startup?” Everyone just answering, I don’t advise this, leading to an endless discussion of exactly what specifics your computer has?

Disabling Avast and AVG from your start menu is not difficult. Here’s how to remove antivirus from your startup:

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(Is there any point in me saying, “This is not recommended”? I think you are aware of that. For you, like one of my ultra slow little laptops, it isn’t a choice of when to run anti-virus. The thing is, it’s so slow you have to either not have antivirus installed at all or have it but not automatically running:

Click “ctrl+alt+delete.” Select “Task Manager.” Select “Startup.” Right click the programs you don’t want to launch when you start up your computer. Click “Disable.”

You are done. There are always answers to these kinds of questions online, like you can find out how to change your ip address in a few simple steps so easily.

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