House Buyers Should See This Prefab Home Interior

prefab home

For all you house buyers out there, and even house sellers, you might want to take a look at this custom prefb home interior… and exterior. House buyers regularly turn to the idea of buy and sell, real estate listing or speaking to professionals such as William Pitt to get advice on the best way of purchasing a home and checking for new houses for sale. Although some people also think about buying property and building a house on it. One option for building a home is to look into prefab houses, these homes become even more valuable with some smart home features provided by companies similar to Crestron.

This prefabricated building looks like a tiny home, and might be a little cold if used as a winter cabin, but as a summer vacation home (or vacation rental — I think these are called “chalet rentals”) it might be something to look at. It’s a regular timber frame constructed house, but it has a small frame.

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It’s built by prefab house builders FabCab (visit them click here). They use mostly Douglas Fir timberframe construction and also focus on a high level of finish in their small houses.

This prefab home interior is 550 square feet. It’s called a “TimberFab” by its builders. This particular prefab cabin is located on Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho, and it was assembled by the Seel Valley Construction company.

Prefabricated house building experts may know the term “SIP”. It means structurally insulated panel, and that’s the kind of walls used here in this prefab. This modular home construction method allows house builders to reduce the time it takes them to assemble the prefab on the building site and this results in lower ecological footprints in general because there is less construction travel and assembly material. Prefab houses often come with a prefab garage too, since they look so great together.

Looking at the interior and the above photo of the exterior of this prefabricated home, you can see that they have designed this prefab cabin with a quite “open” sense, spatially. Take a look (house interior photos look best on a large screen).

House Buyers Should See This Prefab Home Interior