An incredibly detailed guide to dying hair red with henna

An incredibly detailed guide to dying your hair red with henna

If you want to dye your hair red, then opting for henna is the most sensible course of action. In contrast to other products available on the market today, henna gives a result that is more permanent. However, the process does not come easy. Here are the following things you need to do when you want to dye your hair red successfully with henna.

You need to prepare 100-500 grams of henna, a medium-sized bowl, a spoon, plastic wrap, and lemon juice. Mix your henna and wait for twelve hours before you can use it. Put it in a dark area. However, you can use it for two hours if you will put in a warmer area. You should be cautious, though, to assure that it is not too hot.

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Get your two bags of henna ready and pour it into the bowl. Add ¼ and ½ of a 16oz of lemon juice. You can substitute it with grape juice or orange juice if you have sensitive skin or add the juice with water. Then, you will just have to cover the bowl with plastic wrap and wait for twelve hours.

Now, here comes the process of applying henna onto your hair. Wear your gloves and start dividing your hair into sections. Unwrap your henna and add more lemon juice. Mix it until it will look like yogurt. Start applying your henna on the thick sections of your hair. Henna will make your hair tangled when you apply it on areas you are not yet ready to touch. Wrap your head with plastic wrap and start removing your gloves once you’re done. You can opt to leave the henna on your hair for three to four hours for best result.

In washing the henna out of your hair make sure to use gloves. It would be better if you will just put your head under the faucet when washing. After which, you need to shampoo your hair. You can also use lavender to rinse your hair once you are done washing it. This is if you do not want to smell like henna.

Henna is safe to use regardless of the type and texture of your hair. However, keep in mind that the result may vary from one person to another. Nonetheless, what your hair looks like before applying henna can be a factor on the shade of red that you may get. Overall, henna gives you a very permanent hair color. Why not try using other colors with henna such as organic indigo.

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