Geometric Jewelry from Minimalist Designer

Angular Jewelry from Minimalist Designer

These pendants are by a jewelry designer named Vanessa Gade. She’s based in San Francisco. The jewelry is minimalist in tone, and is an interworking of metal bar and metal chain in angular arrangements. It is a clean and delicate esthetic, but tangled.

Usually the metal bar forms a geometric shape, which is broken and intersected by chains. She works with mostly silver colors, but uses some gold chains as well.

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She calls her work bold, kinetic and sculptural. It has an elegant interplay of curves and angles, according to her site. Gade’s jewelry design esthetic is artchitecturally-inspired.

It is handcrafted work. The metals used are sterling silver and yellow gold.

Gade’s jewelry has been featured in a lot of magazines such as O, Vogue, InStyle, Self, Elle, Nylon, LUcky, Cosmopolitan, San Francisco and Qvest.

Antler Necklace in Bronze and Leather

Rustic jewelry like this has drawn a lot of attention and it’s popularity continues without stopping. We found three antler pendants to meet the three different budgets, all featuring gold antler designs.

The main feature of this blog is the necklace pictured above, the bronze and leather crafted piece. We talk about that one last.

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One┬áthing about these antler pieces is they look great on women and on men. I’ve seen a lot of photos of men sporting these antlers, probably more than women, but I’ve seen women wear them too. Couples could probably pass this necklace back and forth.

We’ll start with the least expensive item, but just as good an item. It’s a different style. A lighter piece, with a full rack (both antlers), with one end of the necklace chain attached to each antler. It’s a gold-plated alloy necklace and chain.

These are available for around $20-$30 dollars, depending on whether they’re on sale. Click here to see them.

The next item is a middle-priced deer antler piece.

You can get them in gold, silver or rose gold.

It’s a full-rack piece, also somewhat delicate, but with more detail and a different layout.

These are available for around $60.00. You can look at them here.

This first antler (the one in the image above) was based on a naturally shed White Tail Deer antler. The jeweler used the actual antler as a guide for this Bronze and leather piece.

The craftsman is a Canadian out of one of Canada’s oldest cities, Montreal.

He was careful to include the detailed ruts at the base of the antler, which smooth out towards the points, which are highly polished.

The craftsman pointed out that the piece looks good from every angle.

To read more about this piece or to see what the current price is and possibly buy it, click here.

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