Make These Wet Felt Coasters

wet felt

Felt making is a fun hobby for creative hands. You only need a few inexpensive materials. I am sure you have a sushi mat in your kitchen but it is better to get a separate one for your arts. Prepare merino wool top, a bar of Castile soap, soap shavings, tutu fabric, a plastic bottle container that has holes punched in the lid and some lukewarm water and 2 teaspoons of soap shavings.

1. Pull a tuft from the merino wool. Keep in mind that cutting the wool will result to a blunted edge which is not good for making a felt. Be gentle as possible when you pull off the tuft of the wool.

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2. It is nice to use at least three different shades of the same color. Strong pink, moderate pink tint and light pink is a good blend of shades for your felt. This will create an interesting appearance unless you want a simpler one, make use of just one shade. To create three different shades, pull the tuft together and lay them one on top of the other. Then clutch the ends and gently pull them apart. Lay down the other two tufts and repeat the procedure until you get a beautiful blend of the shades.
3. Now, it’s time to spread the bubble wrap on your working surface and place out a few tufts of wool on the bubble wrap horizontally. Make use of thirty centimeters square of bubble wrap.
4. Then vertically lay additional tufts to cover the first layer.
5. The third one must be horizontally laid like the first one.
6. Place carefully a piece of fabric over the wool.
7. Sprinkle water on the wool over the net but make sure not to over wet it.
8. Now polish the wool using a spherical direction through the top of the net.
9. Peel back and then take away the net, freeing any stuck fibres. Lift it off the bubble wrap and place on top of the sushi mat.
10. Troll the sushi mat up compactly and drain off any extra water.
11. Carefully unfold the mat and turn the felt.
Roll the mat up and repeat the rolling process for about a minute.
Repeat steps 10 and 11. Check to see if the felt is already felted and check it by doing a pinch test. If you pinch it and you can still pull the layers apart then it means that it’s not yet ready.
12. To remove the soap, rinse it will lukewarm water. For the final rinsing, use cold water.

13. To create your desired shape, use cookie cutter. A round shape or a heart shape may do.

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