How to DIY Crochet Rope Basket

DIY Crochet Basket

There is a lot of random small stuff laying around the house,and it’s pretty messy to just lay it all down on the table or hang it all up in closets. Keeping your stuff stored well keeps it neat and tidy. This DIY crochet rope basket is perfect for organizing small things. This simple DIY will draw your creative juice and the great thing is that you only need three things to create this awesome crochet rope basket.

Materials: 1. 38m with 6mm diameter of rope (for a 22x42x17cm basket) 2. yarn 3. 5mm crochet hook Outline: Base row: Use 22×42 cm base for about 30 chains. Place the rope beside the chain to make an overlay of a few centimeters.

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First Round: Make a single crochet in the third chain from the hook. Complete a few more single crochets and then pull the rope frontwards to remove overlap. Make 3 more single crochet to turn the rope around. Sides: If base is already big enough, end placing 3 single chain for every corner, just make 1sc in each st around. In making the first round, lie the rope straight up on top of the row below, which may be a little tricky.

Holders: Although, handles/holders are optional, it is nice to have them. Now when you reach a marker, leave the next set of sts unworked (I left 15sts to make mine), and instead crochet over the rope more sts than you have left unworked (I did 20 sts over the rope). Continue to sc in the sts after the marker as before.

Lock up the end: For this, just insert hook in next st, pull up a ring, yarn over, pull through one ring, then insert hook again and pull up a ring, then yarn over once again, and finally pull two rings. This DIY crochet basket can be used to store your little ones’ toys and playcards. You can also keep your hair accessories in it too! Perhaps, you make 4 -5 crochet baskets and label them to categorize each basket.

For instance, one for your kids, one for your bedroom, two for your home office supplies, and one for your kitchen towels.

This DIY crochet project is amazing, isn’t it! As far as I can tell, the first person who wrote about this is Esther Chandler (visit her for sure click here), but its hard to tell because this pattern is everywhere online now. If anyone knows for sure, let us know.