10 Creative Projects For Mason Jars

Mason Jars

Mason jars are very useful and you can repurpose them in a lot of ways. Of course, these classy jars are great for storing candies, sweets and cookies and they are also great for infusing water. Here are some uses that you might have not thought about:

Beautiful Flower Jar
Who said that mason jars are meant for foodies and drinks? You can also use them as a flower jar. It looks so lovely to see your colourful and fragrant gardenia with different sizes of mason jars. Just remember to place long stemmed floral into tall jars.

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Liquid Hand Wash
Place a pump on the lid of the jar to create a ready-made liquid hand wash container. This will look so classy on your bathroom sink.

Oil Lamp
You can really do anything with mason jars. Use it as a nostalgic oil lamp by using a blue color jar. It will really bring some good memories when you light it up at night time. Just pour some oil in it and place a wick at the hole of the lid and you’re ready for a beautiful night.

Pen Holder
Isn’t nice to use your mason jar as a pen holder? Anything with a big mouth can be uses as a pen holder and your jar is perfect for this.

Bathroom Storage
Oragnize your bathroom essential with your mason jars. Use different colors for each – color pink for cotton balls and color yellow for cotton buds.

Baking Needs Storage
Mason Jars are perfect for storing baking needs. Your cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, baking soda, chocolate powder, sugar sprinkles and all other baking foodstuff can be stored properly with mason jars.

Sewing Kit in a Jar
Keep your small stuff neat and tidy. Small things are sometimes hard to spot when all your other stuff are hanging somewhere. But keeping them in a mason jar will make it easy and simple.

Glow in the Dark Jar
Nice and unique gifts are treasured dearly. Glow in the dark jars is one of them. Use highlighting markers for this glow in the dark jar.

Snow Globe in a Jar
This snow globe in a jar captures a beautiful winter memory that is nice as a keepsake for a birthday surprise.

Key storage
Attach your mason jar near the entry way so that it’s easy to store your keys.
These ten uses of your mason jar are just a few of the many uses. Widen your imagination and you’ll be glad how useful these beautiful jars!