Say Hello To Frayed Knot Crochet

Frayed Knot

Hello friends! Fawn Leach here with EL’S Baby Crochet. I wanted to share a quick little crochet story. When I first started to crochet almost three years ago I had just recently had a baby a few months prior and wanted to make her and my older daughter some hats and ear warmers.

Soon after learning to crochet I had some friends and family asking to buy my ear warmers. In my search for patterns I came across the Easiest Headwrap Ever.

This free pattern from Frayed Knot is just as the name suggests easy. I loved making them and everybody seemed to love wearing them. Fast forward a couple years and some major growth in my crochet world and I came across this absolutely adorable pattern for fingerless gloves titled The Ridgeline Gloves. I tell you, I could not make these things fast enough and had more than enough orders to keep me busy well into the winter season.

Frayed Knot (3)

It wasn’t until I had already purchased the pattern and was looking through my Ravelry Library that I realized that the designer for the Easiest Headwrap Ever and the Ridgeline Gloves was one in the same. And to make things even better I had three more Frayed Knot patterns in my library, including the 15min Coffee Sleeve, which is my go to pattern for a quick and easy gift.

Frayed Knot (2)

My daughter gave these cute coffee sleeves with a gift card to a local coffee shop to all of her teachers. They were a big hit. I don’t think it is a coincidence that I ended up with so many Frayed Knot patterns. They are gorgeous and have wonderful texture.

Frayed Knot (4)

By Fawn Alexander Leach

Jonna Ventura owner and designer at Frayed Knot has some wonderful original patterns in her shop, with a mix of free and paid. Her patterns are very well written and she is available to answer any questions you may have. I have three Frayed Knot patterns waiting to get on my hooks and I can’t wait to see how they turn out. If you’re looking for a new designer to follow I highly recommend Jonna over at Frayed Knot (click here). For the $4.99 Ridgeline Gloves pattern, (click here). For the free “Easiest Headwrap EVER, (click here) and the free “15 min Coffee Sleeve,” (click here).