Udderly Tank’ful

Udderly Tank'ful

This truck was sent to us by a member of the Plains, Trains page, Rowdy Farrington. Here’s Rowdy telling you all a bit about it:

“The name of the truck is Udderly Tank’ful.

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“Kenworth calls the main color Aztec Gold, and the orange is basic orange. It was ordered with the frame rail painted orange, we had the front fenders painted when it came into the dealership, vinyl coated the tank and air cleaner straps. There had to be orange on it somewhere, because I’m an Oklahoma State Cowboys fan.”

Some specs for this truck:

2015 Kenworth W-900L
13 speed
3:55 rears
585 Cummins variable speed single turbo
2013 6200 gal. Walker food grade smoothbore tanker

“We haul milk from various commercial dairies in western Kansas throughout the central Midwestern United States.

“My boss bought the truck, I asked for it, I got it…lol pretty straight forward and simple.”

Tanks for letting us know about it, Rowdy!