Three Custom Big Rig / Fifth Wheel Combos!

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These three guys do RVing in style. What do you think of these?

When you think of a truck and fifth wheel trailer combo, you usually think of someone’s (your own if you have a fifth wheel trailer) truck. But who hasn’t at least considered hooking one up to a big tractor like these units?

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It’s almost like it’s the 5th wheel version of the toterhome (a motorhome built on a big tractor like this to pull it). As we’ve gone along with you truckers and RVers out there and found a lot of interesting big vehicles of all types, this is one of the rarer combos.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a spot though. These 5th wheel combos don’t all have all that much information available out there for them. The white (and pretty long) conventional there pulling a long fifth wheel with the racing decals/paint was seen in California. It belongs to a fellow named Mark Tarascou. It showed up at the “Truckin’ For Kids Truck Show there, and eSPeeScotty caught the tractor / fifth wheel trailer rolling.

Then there’s the mack classic, all polished up and highly custoized, and pulling a pretty large fifth wheel of its own. The look is a bit incongruous — the modern but fairly plain trailer attached to the very showy custom Mack truck.

And finally, another classic tractor-trailer: this gold-ish Kenworth. Not only is the tractor itself customized, but that fifth wheel trailer — with multiple slide outs no less — is not only customized but is customized to match the tractor. It was spotted years ago by the “Retirement tips blogger” who seems to have stopped blogging in around 2010. Thanks for sharing this particular photo with us all though!

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