Orange 6-Wheeler Offroad RV

Offroad RV

This is a MAN KAT 1A1 6-wheel vehicle made by Orangework. This original equipment manufacturer off-road RV kind of reminds me of the hummer. Like what the hummer was to the personal vehicle. So this could be likened to the RV motorhome.

We’ve written about MAN before. They’re a European company. They’re located on the Isle of Man, an island off of Britain. They do a lot of the chassis used in other big vehicles. Lots of those are used for industrial / transportation purposes. This one is for personal RV use.

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It’s 32.7 feet long (9.98 meters), 8.3 feet wide (2.55 meters), and 12.7 feet tall (3.90 meters). The machine weighs 18 tons (18,000 kilograms). The wheelbase is 16.4 feet plus 4.9 feet (5000 + 1500 mm). It’s rated for 6 people.

The MAN KAT 1A1 seems to be a more metallic version of the MAN KAT 1, a 3-person RV shaped much like the 1A1 but with wood panneling for the box.

Those 6 wheels do things 4 don’t, like expand the size of the slopes the vehicle can drive up and down.


Furniture made of plywood with a laminate (HPL) – Surface
Furniture fronts in high-gloss white and walnut veneer
Edged edges with walnut hardwood
Furniture Fittings made of nickel plated brass or stainless steel, adjustable in three dimensions
Compression Latches made of stainless steel
Walnut parquet / stone flooring

Rear bed 2000 x 1000 mm among airs,
Page x 1000 mm under bed ventilates 2100,
Seating unit converts to a bed 2430 x 1900 mm
Height-adjustable table base with a walnut solid wood panel
Upholstery fabric Microfiber

Worktop black granite
Gas Cooker with 3 hobs and oven
Compressor fridge / freezer 120/30 l
Base cabinets with drawers, ball bearing with self-closing

Wash room
Granite vanity
Mirror wall cabinet
Stone shower tray
Ceramic Chopper toilet

Circumferential wall cabinets with adjustable shelves
Wardrobe at the foot of the rear bed with height-adjustable shelves

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